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We clarify questions about:

Why stocks do not belong to the real assets category and why they instead fall under a financial asset. What are real assets and how to they compare to financial assets?

We clarify questions about:

Real estate is generally considered the classic investment we will explain whether investing in property compared to stocks has its advantages but also why it has its disadvantages as well.

We clarify questions about:

Foreign exchange trading (Forex) and why it’s a special form of investment in the area of ​​high speculation. We also explain what crypto currencies are and how they can be used.

Financial education is the # 1 topic in 2021-2022

We clarify questions about:

Trading in raw materials, such as oil and gas or soft commodities (cocoa, wheat, corn, etc.), is a high-risk investment and is only suitable for people with: a lot of money, strong nerves and a lot of time.

We clarify questions about:

What is so special about art or antique cars? It’s the DEMAND and, like the stock market, this area also has its special challenges and requires specialist knowledge.

We clarify questions about:

Fixed-interest savings, bonds or fixed-income government bonds and how safe these types of investments are.

The Various Asset Classes and Their Corresponding RISK CLASSES

Risk Classes 1-3

We Declare RISK:

Asset- Classes will go through the group A + B of risk classes. This will include lower risk investments which allow you penalty- free access to your money but also bonds that pay a guaranteed fixed interest rate.

Group A + B essentially consists of:

Sight deposits, time deposits, savings deposits, savings (cash) letters and bonds, endowment insurance, government bonds.

Risk Classes 4 – 6

We Declare RISK:

Risk Classes C+D include more complicated investments which require understanding of the field and markets. Furthermore, the valuation of these assets are more vulnerable to a larger drop in value as they do not provide a fixed income.

These Include: Option bonds, money market funds, bond funds (in euros), bonds, equity funds, other investment certificates, foreign currency bonds.

Risk Classes 7 – 10

We Declare RISK:

Shares, alternative investments, alternative investment funds, credit funds, futures, participation certificates, hedge funds, high-yield bonds, catastrophe bonds, media funds, micro-finance funds, warrants, ship funds, subordinated savings bonds, structured financial products, venture capital or even an opportunity to make additional payments for certain types of investment that are not described here! (E).

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Founder and Director

Raw materials have always determined my life!

With over 30 years experience in capital markets, and the fact I have lived in over 10 countries, I have a treasure trove of genuine experience that cannot yet be found in any book. In 1991, I took my first Series 3 exam in London- it was an absolute must if you wanted to work for a broker in the city. My first point of contact was with Esprit Brokers/MeesPierson Derivatives Ltd. London. My connections from the city grew to New York, I worked with banks, brokers and fund managers that can confirm my “initiative, S3 and S7 are a perquisite for employment in trading.”

With that note, I now work to help those with a similar career drive across the globe.


Founder and Lecturer

In these changing financial markets, broader knowledge is needed

I have been a lecturer at the University of Leicester for over 4 years. My PhD topic centred on mortgage financing litigation and the credit creation functions of commercial banks. In recent years,
my teaching has focussed primarily
on financial markets, international business and accounting.

I’m passionate about teaching financial literacy to a wider audience, and giving people the legal and financial tools
they need to navigate the world
of today, as well as tomorrow.


The Team

The TEAM works collectively and compassionately to ensure the very best outcome and most sustainable action is continuously happening.

Each member of our team has a key
position whether a cameraman, web designer,
content creator, coder, financial analyst,
psychologist, and so on- each person has
special knowledge, and their creativity
helps us to build something
truly amazing together.

We are proud to be working in such a trustworthy, reliable and responsible team that shares common values, and works with the best intentions for our planet and each other.

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